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Isaac Kinde


Kinde’s is a remarkable story – a California native whose genius and drive may alter the course of cancer detection and treatment.

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Using AI to help health care organizations protect and secure sensitive data.

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Kristen Valdes

b.well Connected Health

“Data is not an asset that companies should have the right to own. Health data is personal and should be accessible to the person it matters to most: the individual.”

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Delali Dzirasa


Shifting the local ecosystem to recognize untapped opportunities, with a focus on lifting up Black talent and building software that powers good.

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Ellington West

Sonavi Labs

Addressing global healthcare problems is a huge part of West's mission, but so is helping Baltimore.

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Jacob Hsu


Drawn to Baltimore by the city’s potential, Catalyte realized its own.

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Luke Cooper


“There’s just all this hidden talent that’s around town that just gets ignored every day.”

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Ken Malone

Early Charm Ventures

Creating sustainable operating businesses without focusing on the "how will you exit" question.

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Anders Jones

Facet Wealth

“A category-defining company that is well-positioned to disrupt the wealth management industry for years to come.”

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