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Chris Janian


In its heyday, the downtown intersection of Howard and Lexington streets was…

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Ellington West

Sonavi Labs

As a Black woman leading a healthcare technology company, Ellington West often…

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Jacob Hsu


To test his theory that aptitude is equally distributed, even if opportunity…

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City Garage

From the moment City Garage – a 134,000-square-foot former bus depot –…

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Luke Cooper


In 2014, Luke Cooper dropped his iPhone on a bus, cracking the…

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Ken Malone

Early Charm Ventures

Ken Malone believes in creating sustainable operating businesses and has little interest…

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Anders Jones

Facet Wealth

When considering where to start the technology-driven financial planning firm Facet Wealth,…

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As a seventh-grade teacher in a Baltimore City public middle school, Jess…

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