Equitech Tuesday #126: Reclaiming and Amplifying Our Stories

Reclaiming and Amplifying Our Stories

At UpSurge, we strive to cultivate an inclusive tech community through the promotion of Equitech as a culture and our aspiration for the city.

-- Naomi Winston, Program and Events Analyst at UpSurge Baltimore

Central to our mission is recognizing challenging legacies in the city and nurturing a more inclusive future for Baltimore. Acknowledging the land we are on and honoring the history of the land and the people who were here before us is an integral part of our collective mission of building a more inclusive future.

Baltimore, a city of history and possibility, demands our acknowledgment of its progress and a keen awareness of the journey that still lies ahead for our collective advancement. The Lumbee Indians, the largest tribe east of the Mississippi who once lived in the neighborhoods of Upper Fells Point and Washington Hill, exemplify this commitment by authentically reclaiming their heritage and history through archival preservation initiatives.

This Thanksgiving and National Day Of Mourning we urge our community to dive deeper into the history and culture of the Lumbee Indians. Discover how Ashley Minner, Artist and Asst. Curator of the National Museum of the American Indian is curating an archive and collaborating with elders poised to crystallize their legacy in Baltimore —a project anticipated to conclude in five years, with its home at UMBC as a distinguished collection.

Also, mark your calendars for Saturday, December 9th, when we gather to honor the life and legacy of Pava LaPere at a memorial hosted by Johns Hopkins.

We’ll see you this week at 6-8 pm for Equitech Tuesday at Guilford Hall Brewery. We look forward to fellowshiping. Have a safe Thanksgiving holiday!

Building the world’s first Equitech city, together!

The UpSurge Team

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