We'll be a model for the world.

For 40 years, cities have been transformed by their embrace of innovation and risk-taking. They’ve produced the advances that have changed our world and generated jobs and wealth for those who’ve participated. But they have also hollowed out the urban middle class. It wasn’t intentional. But it’s real.

We think there’s a different way.

We want to be more than just the next great tech city…we want to be the country’s first Equitech city. Equitech is the defining framework for UpSurge, anchoring our work in a belief that diversity of teams, leadership and perspectives is a force multiplier for tech company growth.

We can build a more vibrant, prosperous future for all of Baltimore, and be a model for the world. More high-growth companies. More quality jobs. More pathways to opportunity. At UpSurge, we’re approaching our growth with intention. With purpose. With lots of voices in the conversation.

There's no place like home

Born in Baltimore

Baltimore’s future major companies will not be imported; they’ll be born here.

The world will benefit from their technologies. They’ll generate quality jobs for our neighbors, with higher wages and career mobility. They’ll build the culture and reputation of our city.  And, Baltimore will surge as our people invest in neighborhoods, support small businesses, cultural institutions, and nonprofits.

A multi-faceted approach

Building velocity.

1. Anchor the ecosystem in a defining Equitech vision, and bring lots of voices into the conversation through UpSurge teams.

2. Make Baltimore founders and companies our first priority. Acknowledge them. Support their goals. Help them overcome their obstacles. Connect them to partners, peers, mentors and customers. Celebrate their wins. Share their stories.

3. Attract new companies, capital and talent to Baltimore. We’re developing algorithms to identify companies and investors who should consider making Baltimore home. And, we’re bringing Techstars to Baltimore to introduce 30 high-potential startups to the magic of Charm City.

4. Launch a splashy national Equitech prize to bring visibility to Baltimore and our Equitech vision.

5. Post-COVID, bring the people here to see all the energy and brilliance of Baltimore up-close.


Be part of UpSurge

UpSurge Teams drive our work. We need you.

UpSurge teams are our engine, and their participants the leaders of this movement.  They generate the strategies to nurture, support, attract, and retain entrepreneurs and startups at all stages, and from all backgrounds.

Join us and you’ll contribute focused expertise in an industry sector or activity team that you’re passionate about.

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