A good news 😊/ bad news 😠 start to the year!

We’re positive 😊😠

Happy new year! It’s a good news/bad news start to the year for the UpSurge team.

The bad news first. Unfortunately, Kory and Jamie are both COVID positive. Thanks to brilliant scientists, like Time Magazine ‘Hero of the Year’ and UMBC grad, Kizzmekia Corbett, they’ll both be fine. But it’s a reminder to stay vigilant, UpSurge family – we need you at full strength as we grow forward in 2022.  (Learn more about Dr. Corbett’s UMBC journey and path to becoming the first Black woman in the world to invent a vaccine.)

From a good news perspective, we could not be more positive about the year ahead for Baltimore Tech. Having set a high bar in 2021, we have no plans to slow down now. We have some big news on the horizon and in our next issue we’ll take a look back at our inaugural year and share our roadmap for 2022.

Together, we’re just getting started!Β πŸš€πŸš€

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