Introducing the newest member of the UpSurge team!

Hello Baltimore – from the newest member of the UpSurge Team!  

My name is Devon Pina and I’m excited to be the Sr. Administrative Lead for Upsurge Baltimore. In this role, I will be responsible for day-to-day management of the office space as well as support for Kory and the leadership team. My role is to ensure that we have effective systems and procedures in place, facilitating a seamless process for building and maintaining a thriving ecosystem.

By way of introduction, I like to call myself a dot connector. Figuring out innovative ways to solve problems and support people is my super power. I am an encourager of people and in doing so, push everyone around me to be their best self. Doing this, I’m able to hone in on the best ways to help build up what’s around me. Most recently, I was the Executive Assistant at Voices for a Second Chance, a non-profit in DC that focuses on reintegrating men and women who have been involved in the justice system into their local communities as thriving citizens. I am a new transplant to Baltimore and the strong sense of community and creative arts continue to make me glad I call this place home; I can’t wait to add to the greatness that is already so evident at UpSurge Baltimore.

As I am ending my first weeks of work with UpSurge, it’s been a whirlwind of information and I’ve even attended the much talked about Equitech Tuesday. I’m excited to dive in and start contributing to the important work ahead. Building an ecosystem requires a strong foundation and constant tending to the systems that make it work. I am committed to managing those administrative processes and supporting our executive team as they continue to be thought leaders in Baltimore tech.

What my role means for UpSurge and the Baltimore tech community:

In my role, I will provide support to the UpSurge executive team and manage day-to-day office operations. With extensive experience in similar support roles, I am seamlessly integrating into the UpSurge team and refining my people-focused approach to service. Additionally, I am gaining valuable insights into the equitable tech space. This enables me to offer intentional assistance to founders, UpSurge staff, and other stakeholders in the broader tech community.

What brought me to Baltimore:

Last summer, I embarked on a search for a new home, which ultimately brought me to Baltimore. With friends already residing in the city, I was quickly introduced to a vibrant array of food spots and local events. Their guidance and the welcoming community made it easy for me to settle in and feel at home in no time.

What I’m most excited about:

I’m excited to learn about equitable tech and the amazing founders behind it. I love technology, so discovering how it can help build up Baltimore and its residents, and showcase great minds, is something I’m really looking forward to.

My Ask:

  •   Introduce yourself to me, maybe more than once. I want to know who you are and how you contribute to equitable tech and the UpSurge community. The more I learn, the better.
  •   I’m here to assist the leadership team at UpSurge, if there’s something you need from them, feel free to reach out to me. I’ll make sure I get you an answer as quickly as I can.

Devon Pina

Upsurge Baltimore,

Senior Administrative Lead