We’re building the first Equitech city.

This isn’t charity. This is opportunity.

A great tech city can also be an inclusive one.

Equitech is a framework for building a first-of-a-kind tech city.

We know that we can be both a top-tier global tech city and an equitable one. One where scientists and software companies can change the world. One where founders who are white, black, brown, young, old, gay and straight find a welcoming and supportive tech community.

What will it look like when we get there? A tech hub where diverse entrepreneurs found transformative companies; the tech workforce of the future is growing up in our neighborhoods; prosperity is shared across zip codes; and the technologies reshaping society are born.

Force Multiplier

Regardless of the sector or founder’s background, studies from the likes of Harvard and JP Morgan show that companies with diverse teams, leadership,  boards, and cap tables outperform their peers.

Massive opportunity

Founders with backgrounds that make up 70% of the U.S. population (people of color and women) received less than 4% of funding in 2022. Imagine what happens when we unleash the potential of these innovators.

We're all missing out

Three trillion dollars. That’s JP Morgan’s estimate of what our society loses by not capitalizing on the inventions of underestimated entrepreneurs.

Momentum is building

In Baltimore, 40% of tech founders are women (compared with 20% nationally) and 18% are Black (compared with 2%). That’s only a start; we’re building a fertile ground for diverse entrepreneurship.


We’ve got it all: life sciences startups emerging from preeminent research institutions and companies launched in our neighborhoods. We’re focused on growth: of our startups, of our economy and of our city.  We support the entire Baltimore tech sector, across industries and stages. And we work with intention to uplift historically underestimated founders with programming, accelerators and network access. 

Demo Day / pitch competition

We’re different.

We’re mobilizing Baltimore to grow, attract, and invest in startups.


Collaboration and Connection.

We build bridges across sectors, stakeholders, and tech ecosystems, unlocking the network and financial capital needed for companies to grow.



We want to ensure that every entrepreneur feels the inclusive welcome and robust support of our ecosystem.


Data and Advocacy

We deploy data and storytelling to elevate Baltimore and the Equitech ideals.


Cross-sectoral Approach

It takes a lot to scale a startup. Incubators, investors and IP. Research, real estate and resources. Talent and Tuesday night happy hours. We’re bringing it all together to pave the path for founders building in Baltimore.

This is Equitech