Equitech Tuesday #140: Accelerate!

Baltimore Tech Community,

Thank you to everyone who came out to Equitech Tuesday this week to welcome me to UpSurge. It was awesome to see familiar faces and to get to know so many more new faces. This is what I love about Baltimore – the community seriously wraps its arms around you.

Over 40 Marylanders based in the Baltimore region are headed to SXSW in Austin, Texas this week. Many of us jumped on a zoom earlier this week to put faces to names, to learn about each other’s goals for attending and ways to support each other. It was inspiring to see the many connections already sparked from the call and we’re ready to light up Austin with Baltimore representation!

I’m thrilled to have joined UpSurge at this inflection point not only because I get to rally a powerhouse group of people for SXSW, but also because we have a lot to celebrate and even more meaningful work ahead.

Just about a week ago, we reached a significant milestone: the submission of the EDA Tech Hubs phase 2 proposal. To me, as I took it in the first few weeks with UpSurge, the most exciting part is how the last four months have brought 48 organizations to work together towards a massive endeavor. For emphasis, and for what this means for you, I’m re-sharing part of UpShot from last week that deserves to be read again:

Picture this: 18 entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs), 18 venture capital and investor powerhouses, and 11 major corporate partners uniting to pave the way for a thriving future. Together, we’ve crafted a compelling proposal poised to propel startup advancement as a pivotal component of the Tech Hubs submission. But here’s the exciting part – we’re not waiting for the EDA’s funding decision! We’re gearing up to kick off the implementation plan starting March 1st!

🚀 To Founders: This project is tailored to meet your needs and unlock your potential. We’re committed to seeing more startups thrive, including those led by underestimated founders. You’ll benefit from enhanced commitments from investors, as well as connectivity to previously hard to unlock and navigate customer relationships.

🚀 To the Private and Public Sector: You hold the key to unlocking Baltimore’s potential. Join us in supporting startups, and becoming champions for Baltimore Tech across the nation. If you’re not locked in to this excitement and on board yet, there’s still time – reach out and let’s make it happen!

🚀 To All of Maryland: We’re not just talking about Baltimore. We’re laying the groundwork for a tech hub that will stretch across the entire state. Get ready to supercharge growth and unlock economic opportunities for everyone in Maryland!

Lastly, a huge shout-out to our committed ESO, investor, and enterprise partners – the backbone of this journey!

The submission marks the beginning of a more connected ecosystem rowing together, that’s worth celebration. Join UpSurge, GBC, and the EDA Tech Hubs Consortium at Equitech Tuesday on March 12th at Guilford Hall Brewery to raise our glasses to what we’ve accomplished thus far – breaking down silos, laying a foundation of collaboration, and fashioning a game-changing plan for our tech ecosystem.

On the same evening, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet the newest cohort of the Techstars Equitech Accelerator – 10 AI-centered companies who will be accelerating in Baltimore for 13 weeks. Help us welcome them to our city! Take a few minutes to get to know them.

The next Equitech Tuesdays will be more opportunities to show up for our ecosystem coupled with #UpRise learning opportunities – mark your calendars:

March 19 // UpRise: Exited Founders Panel at Loyola University. Register here.

March 19 // Equitech Tuesday at Baltipreneur’s Demo Day. RSVP here.

March 26 // UpRise: AIN Ventures Panel: Early-Stage Survival Playbook. Register here.

March 26 // Equitech Tuesday at FastForward U. RSVP here.

And do you know what an artful gatherer loves? A trusty landing page where you can get all the information and links in one place! Big shoutout to our skillful marketing intern Isaiah Pittman who put together the first Equitech Tuesday webpage! Check it out, share it with folks who you’ve been meaning to invite, bookmark it, and come back to learn about the upcoming gatherings and our supporting partners.

See you at Guilford Hall 6-8pm on Tuesday (March 12) after many of us get back from SXSW. We’ll have lots to report back on!

Robbin Lee
UpSurge Baltimore, Director of Partnerships & Mobilization