Equitech Tuesday #147: Data Matters

To the Baltimore Tech Community:

Data holds immense potential to reveal the truth. It complements lived experiences, offering a comprehensive view of activities, processes, or situations. Within the Baltimore Tech ecosystem, data plays a crucial role. Until now, this ecosystem had not yet defined or reported on the connections among its assets.

The significance of data analysis lies in its ability to provide insights. A good process yielding “bad” outcomes offers valuable insights, while a flawed process resulting in “good” outcomes merely indicates coincidence. As UpSurge’s Senior Data Analyst, I’m writing today to shed light on UpSurge’s process, aiming to elucidate our decisions, concessions, and future plans.  Read my article on LinkedIn to get under the hood of our 2024 Baltimore Tech Ecosystem Report and how it came together.

At UpSurge, we’re bridging the divide, uniting all stakeholder groups in Baltimore around the tech industry. We’re not just offering data and analysis; we’re demonstrating why tech growth is essential and outlining the path to achieve it. Our team is tirelessly gathering data and assessing our ecosystem, steering us toward our ultimate goal: to cultivate a thriving tech hub, an Equitech city. Our commitment extends to discovering, learning from, and amplifying Baltimore startups. We’re dedicated to collaborating with local investors and entrepreneur support organizations, leveraging their data, insights, and connections.

We’ll keep sharing stories to bring our ecosystem’s data to life and elevate Baltimore Tech on the international stage. And above all, we value the input and partnership of every community member as we continue this journey together.

Come nerd out on the data with me and meet other leaders and passionate contributors in the ecosystem at #EquitechTuesday 6-8pm at Guilford Hall Brewery… where the tech community gathers!  We’ll be joined by Katrina Holland, Executive Director of MedTech Color, who understands the importance of data and how it informs their work to diversify the medtech ecosystem.

Due to an unrelated fundraiser for Angela Alsobrooks, candidate for U.S. Senate, being held at Guilford Hall Brewery at the same time, we expect a larger number of people and parking will be limited. We encourage carpooling, using public transportation and rideshare!

We are also hosting UpRise Masterclass: SBIR/STTR Fundamentals with Kimberly Mozingo, the driving force behind TEDCO’s SBIR/STTR Proposal Lab, before Equitech Tuesday 4-6pm at the UpSurge offices.  Click the link to register and share with those you know who would benefit from this learning opportunity.  Connect with my colleague Rimjhim if you’d like to learn more about this masterclass or any of our UpRise startup advancement programming!


Chris Bunner

Senior Data Analyst, UpSurge Baltimore