This cold May is hot 🔥 in Charm City tech.

Bringing it home!

Last week, Baltimore Homecoming resumed after a COVID hiatus, bringing people with connections to our city back to see Baltimore’s amazing energy.

They mixed with corporate leaders, City Schools students, artists and community activists.

They ate at exquisite restaurants, toured emerging spaces and got an up-close view of nonprofits changing lives across our city.

And, on the final day, they saw our tech ecosystem up close, hearing from established and emerging founders (shout out to WhitePaw RunMitts for winning the Crab Tank competition!) and getting a taste of the passion propelling our work.

It was a powerful three-day experience that underscored the concept of AND.

Building the world’s first Equitech City is going to take all of us — artists and activists and philanthropists and educators and scientists and investors and entrepreneurs.

Baltimore will accelerate as this big set of gears turns smoothly together. Tech is a key part of that future progress, and it was energizing to watch Baltimore expats drawn into the Equitech vision.

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