Calling all Baltimore Startup Founders!

Baltimore Startup Founder Survey 2024

Baltimore Startup Founder Survey

Complete Startup Founder Survey

Complete the Survey

Survey Information

Deadline: 11:59 pm on February 15, 2024

Criteria to participate: You are currently a founder of an incorporated, active, technology-based business operating in the Baltimore Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)

1. The first 100 respondents will receive a $10 Amazon gift card.
2. 20 random respondents will be recognized at UpSurge Baltimore’s inaugural Annual Meeting in April. Your business will be highlighted in front of investors, media, influencers, and politicians.
3. Potential to be highlighted in UpSurge’s social media.
4. By sharing your business information with UpSurge, your business will be more visible to accelerators, investors, and customers in the region. We cannot elevate startups that we do not know about.

Why This Survey Data Matters:
1. Helps us share relevant opportunities with founders at different stages and verticals.
2. Helps UpSurge advocate for Baltimore startups at the city, state, and federal level.
3. Attracts more investors and funding to Baltimore Tech and directly to startups.

Completing this survey shapes the story and direction of Baltimore’s tech-startup ecosystem and prioritizes founders’ experience over third-party data. Through intentional questions, we aim to highlight the multidimensional nature of Baltimore startups and their founders. Ultimately, this survey provides the foundation for a longitudinal analysis that will help UpSurge assess the ecosystem’s strengths, weaknesses, and equity.

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A Note From The Researcher

The study aims to explore various strategies and support mechanisms that facilitate continued entrepreneurial success, especially in the context of overcoming socioeconomic barriers. By collecting and analyzing data from a diverse range of entrepreneurs, we hope to uncover insights that will inform policies, programs, and practices to foster greater mobility within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Accordingly, the findings from this study will provide valuable guidance and actionable recommendations for entrepreneurs, policymakers, and support organizations.

Yolanda Christophe is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management at Morgan State University. Her research is focused on entrepreneurial transitions, cognitions, well-being and distress, and minority entrepreneurship, showcasing her dedication to understanding and supporting the entrepreneurial journey, especially within underrepresented communities.

Before embarking on her doctoral studies, Yolanda earned her MBA and a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Florida Memorial University. Her academic journey is complemented by her role as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Inclusive Innovation Initiative at Johns Hopkins University, where she contributes to advancing knowledge on inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship.

Yolanda’s scholarly contributions include publications in esteemed journals and active participation in various academic conferences, highlighting her commitment to research excellence and contribution to the field. In addition to her research, Yolanda has demonstrated leadership in organizing symposia and workshops, contributing to academic discourse and community engagement. Her teaching experience further underscores her commitment to education and mentorship, preparing the next generation of leaders in business and management.
Yolanda’s academic achievements have been recognized with several awards and scholarships, attesting to her research potential and dedication to her field of study.

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Strong network partnerships

“UpSurge has been an incredible network partner and has made my company and I feel welcomed and supported in Baltimore as we navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship!”

- Rebecca Rosenberg, Founder of Rebokeh Vision

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Creating a Founder Community

“As an early stage Native American tech start-up, identifying pathways to resources and experiences has been a challenging experience. UpRise Masterclasses have not only provided us access to experts, but introduced us to other founders in the ecosystem in a really organic and authentic way. We’ve felt less isolated as a result and have been able to expand the ways in which we think about our work, how to frame it, and where we fit (or want to fit)!”

- Kerry Hawk Lessard, Executive Director of Native American Lifelines

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