Fact Sheet: Large Corporations


UpSurge Baltimore is building an engine to propel Baltimore into the top tier of US innovation cities. Their work centers on founders, tech-enabled and national-scale businesses, helping to launch, support, grow and celebrate high-impact startups. UpSurge is also developing strategies to attract new companies, talent and capital to Baltimore.

Our Vision for Baltimore

We don’t envision Baltimore as just the next great tech city, but as the world’s first Equitech City.

Introducing Equitech

We believe that Equitech is a force multiplier on a tech economy – where diversity is a competitive advantage. It’s the cultural framework for UpSurge, a lens to attract, align and support startups – not a filter to exclude them. Over time, not only will entrepreneurs and investors around the world look to Baltimore as a launching pad for transformational companies, but more Baltimoreans will see the knowledge economy as a pathway for their own upwardly mobile futures.

How We Win

We all win as the knowledge economy grows.

Most global startup hubs have the presence of national and global corporations. Sometimes big corporations create an ecosystem conducive to startups; other times startups have attracted corporations to cities. Either way, it’s a win-win because the presence and interactions between corporations and startups create fertile ground for transformational ideas and partnerships to be developed, leading to more urban progress and more innovative startups.

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How can a large company benefit from an accelerating startup ecosystem? A thriving innovation economy will make Baltimore a better place to live, work, and grow.

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