UpRise, a new opportunity for founders to tap into our ecosystem

Expert office hours open next Monday and masterclasses start 4/18!

Space is limited, so don’t miss your chance to access your preferred experts. Sign up today!

What’s UpRise? It’s a free UpSurge program to help you build a business that can attract customers and funding. Access top local experts – experienced entrepreneurs, VCs, and professional service providers – and hands-on masterclasses.

Who should sign up?

UpRise Experts is for founders beyond concept stage who have a company, an MVP or a live product, and have some funding (including pitch competitions and accelerators).

Sign up in just three steps (about 15 minutes total):

  1. Check out our current slate of UpRise experts and EIRs and figure out who you hope to work with.
  2. Fill out this form to provide experts with a basic look at your business.
  3. This form includes a screenshot of a brief survey called ABACA, which helps us understand your stage (no judgment, just information!!).

After Signing Up

Once you’ve completed the info above, you’ll be sent links to schedule office hours with the experts below, or you may be invited to an S3 session.

  • Office Hours with professional services experts in legal, finance, marketing, and other important subjects and functions
  • Office Hours with Executives in Residence (EIRs) – Experienced entrepreneurs providing executive coaching, fundraising, strategy, and leadership support
  • Startup Strategy Sessions (S3) with top investors- A rotating group of local investors/venture capitalists providing feedback in small group sessions

There are UpRise Masterclasses for the whole Equitech Community

Join us for well-known local and national experts on topics of broad interest. Sign up for the first three sessions, each followed by Equitech Tuesdays in those locations:

  • Register HERE for: Everything You need to know about TEDCO Funding & Resources. Presenters:  Teddy Gresser and Isabel Wen. Learn about what TEDCO does and the programs and funds you can plug into. [April 18th, 4-5:30pm]
    • Where? UpSurge Offices, 1501 St. Paul St. Suite 130
  • Register HERE for: Building Your Network Before You Need It: Fundraising, Customers, Mentors, Talent. Presenter: Techstars Evangelist and keynote speaker, John Hill.  Join us for a deep dive into building networks that create warm intros to investors, customers, and others who can help you grow your business. [April 25th, 4:00-6pm]
    • Where? Carey Business School, 100 International Drive
  • Register HERE for: Building your startup in a tough market. Presenter: Adam Phillips, Managing Director Techstars Equitech Accelerator. For any entrepreneur who wants to thrive in today’s challenging business landscape, Adam will share how to identify and capitalize on opportunities, extend runway, and make the right decisions when the going is tough. [May 23rd, 4-5:30]
    • Where? UpSurge Offices, 1501 St. Paul St. Suite 130

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