The UpShot: Here’s to the Allovue Team!

As humans, we have a tendency to focus on setbacks, on the fledgling macroeconomic conditions, the state of the world, and the seasonal affective disorder impacting our ability to be productive. But optimism is all around us, in the snow melting away, in the vigor with which Baltimore is making its bid for Phase 2 of the TechHubs designation, and in this new achievement for Allovue and the Baltimore tech community in general!

Allovue’s acquisition by PowerSchool enhancing its financial management tools for K-12 school districts is a big win for the team and the ecosystem! Allovue’s budget-tracking products will now be integrated into PowerSchool’s edtech suite. Motivated by the opportunity to assist schools in managing the end of federal Covid-19 stimulus funds, with Allovue’s tools aiding in navigating budget challenges, the acquisition aims to leverage Allovue’s growth in response to increased demand during the pandemic and to address upcoming crises in education. PowerSchool has a widespread presence, supporting over 50 million students globally and working with many large U.S. school districts. Allovue’s budget-tracking products will now be aiding over 90 of the top 100 school districts by student enrollment in the US.

Allovue’s CEO, Jess Gartner, will join PowerSchool as the group vice president of ERP. Last year, Jess had reflected on a decade of Allovue’s work, saying that Allovue’s vision is that every dollar in education works for every student. Now as a part of PowerSchool’s ed-tech suite, she believes their combined resources and partnership will meet the needs of education leaders and students better than Allovue could alone.

As a key player in our ecosystem, Allovue has been one of the first success stories out of ETC’s Accelerate Baltimore program! We are excited to see what this means for Ed-Tech and the Baltimore Ed-Tech community!

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