The UpShot: Baltimore is Love, Baltimore is Kindness

Baltimore is ❤️, Baltimore is Kindness

Today’s Valentine’s Day and us in Baltimore are surrounded by Love. UpSurge believes that while many cities nearby are about power and money…Baltimore? Baltimore is about Love.

Due to many reasons within and beyond its control, Baltimore’s reputation nationally leaves little to be desired. A little of that reputation can be attributed to Baltimore’s tendency to be unfairly self deprecating.

But, as many Baltimoreans believe, that needs to change!

Baltimore has suffered through its share of trauma and yet, time after time, the people of this city emerge stronger and more resilient and now find themselves ready to rise to the occasion, share our successes and create a new narrative for Baltimore. It takes change-makers and risk-takers. Academics, artists and activists. People from all walks of life committed to doing their part to lead and contribute to making our city, region and state the best it can be. And, Baltimore tech’s founders are doing JUST THAT!

In his speech at Visit Baltimore’s Annual Meeting, Governor Moore said, “I would rather flirt with my failures, than to never dance with my joys.” Each day, the founders in our tech community take risks and make choices that change the trajectory of our city.

This past week, many Baltimore tech leaders and founders made their voices heard in Annapolis to testify on behalf of and show their support for important legislation targeting everything from student entrepreneurship to life-changing research to public safety. It’s vital that these founders are supported by each other, by mentors, by accelerator programs, by investors, and by the ecosystem.

And to further that, we are proud to announce a partnership with JHTV Social Innovation Lab alum Loam to offer Scaling Deep! Are you a trailblazing woman, non-binary, or gender expansive leader in the tech and startup world, searching for more meaningful connections beyond the conventional networking grind. Embark on a 9-month adventure with a select group of 15 leaders, forging profound connections with peers against the backdrop of nature. 🍀

🚀 Sign up today before spots fill up! Scaling Deep is made possible through the dynamic collaboration of Loam, Code City Strategies, and UpSurge Baltimore. Thank you to our first sponsors joining UpSurge – Cerebro Capital and Loyola Sellinger School of Management! 🚀

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