The UpShot: Get Ready for a Week of Innovation!

Spring brings with it demo day season 🌸 – showcases of cohorts of entrepreneurs who have accelerated their ventures’ progress in Baltimore. Across the region – whether you are a business leader or operator, subject matter expert, investor, public sector leader, or fellow innovator – this is your opportunity not just to celebrate Baltimore’s startups, but to learn about ways you can step up to help a founder near you! At UpSurge, when we see the ecosystem wrap its arms around entrepreneurs, finding ways to support their advancement and growth, we say: “It’s happening!”

📜 A testament to it actually happening is the experiences of the Techstars Equitech Accelerator founders.

  • Lydia Ofori, Founder & CEO at Plainr (an intelligence generation platform for private equity teams and their portfolio companies), “I came to Baltimore for the Techstars Equitech Accelerator program without knowing much about the City. What was surprising to me when I got here has been the underlying high business energy that is within the City[.] Within a couple of months, I’ve connected with viable customers here in Baltimore City that I perhaps wouldn’t have been able to had I not been here in the City and forming relationships all thanks to the program. UpSurge made it all possible to meet local teams through Equitech Tuesday, and additional visibility efforts. And the business community has been very welcoming too – to me, my business and what we are doing with Techstars Equitech, so much so that we are staying in Baltimore and building our business forward from Baltimore.
  • Laneisha Roberts, Co-Founder at ReviewTailor (an automated performance management tool that streamlines the process, saving time and promoting equitable reviews) recounts, “Our journey in Baltimore has been truly transformative, with the city’s vibrant startup ecosystem and unwavering support from the local community. One of the most surprising aspects has been the depth of this ecosystem[.] Being accepted into Techstars was a game-changer, providing us with a structured program, invaluable mentorship, and access to resources that accelerated our progress exponentially. Attending events like Equitech Tuesdays has been instrumental, offering unique opportunities to forge meaningful connections with industry leaders and fellow entrepreneurs. Baltimore’s rich culture has not only inspired us personally but also provided profound insights into the city’s resilient, creative, and inclusive character. We’re grateful for the support received from Techstars, UpSurge, and the entire community, and we eagerly anticipate continuing to leverage these opportunities as we further scale our startup.
  • Perry Kalmus, Co-Founder at AKALA Inc. (a college admissions counseling platform) mentioned, “What has surprised us about Baltimore is just how massive the potential is for this city and the team of evangelists like UpSurge who believe in its future as a great resurgence. They yell from the mountaintops to all who can hear and the message is clear: Baltimore is a city that is worth your time to help revive. And AKALA is here for that revival!

🕶️ Come watch Laneisha, Perry, Lydia and others present their growing ventures on May 30th 5:00 – 8:30pm at this year’s Techstars Equitech Demo Day!

🎙️It’s showcase season – keep your calendars out because next week promises to be an exhilarating showcase of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit with a series of demo days lined up across different sectors. From cutting-edge technology to impactful social ventures, mark your calendars for these exciting events:

🔮 And looking ahead:

  • June 25: Conscious Venture Labs Demo Day

Let’s cheer on all the entrepreneurs from these cohorts and show them the support that Laneisha, Perry and Lydia talked about! 🚀

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