2023 Impact Update

UpRise: Scaling Startup Success

UpRise: Scaling Startup Success

In 2023, UpSurge launched UpRise in Baltimore. UpRise is a strategy to leverage ecosystem-wide networks, resources, and knowledge to scale startup advancement. The initial offerings under the UpRise umbrella included the UpRise Masterclass speaker series, UpRise Experts pilot, and Startup Strategy Sessions (S3) a program for founder-investor engagement. Moving forward, UpSurge will expand UpRise through deep collaborations with entrepreneur support organizations across the Baltimore Tech ecosystem, as well as successful entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and potential customers.

UpRise Masterclasses

Masterclasses are open to all and increase access to startup knowledge and networks.

UpRise Masterclasses

In 2023, UpSurge Baltimore hosted


Masterclasses with...


Average Attendance

UpRise Experts Pilot

UpRise Experts

Within our five month pilot, UpRise Experts connected

UpSurge created the UpRise Experts pilot to connect Baltimore Tech entrepreneurs with local industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs to access their knowledge and networks through an on-demand platform. Over this 5-month pilot, there were


Founders with...


Experts through...



Startup Strategy Sessions (S3)

Participating Investors:

  • JMI Equity
  • Zeal Capital Partners
  • TCP Venture Capital
  • StepStone Group
  • RareBreed Ventures
  • The Abell Foundation
  • Cofactor VC
  • Conscious Venture Partners

In 2023, UpSurge Baltimore hosted


S3 Sessions with...


Participating Founders

Startup Strategy Sessions (S3)

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to UpSurge for having me and providing such an insightful and inspiring experience. The discussions and insights shared during the meeting were invaluable. ”

- Crystal Berger, CEO at Expert Bookings Online

Founder Convenings

In 2023, UpSurge brought founders together at 12 unique social network events.

Founder Dinner on Artificial Intelligence
Future Enterprises Dinner

Partnering with Entrepreneur Support Organizations

Baltimore has a diverse network of ESOs who collective offer the majority of local resources and connections for founders. UpSurge is leveraging the power of ESOs by better connecting the network and increasing overall effectiveness and impact on startup outcomes by connecting programs and coordinating efforts. UpSurge gathered 30+ ESOs from Baltimore and conducted a first-of-its kind ESO survey to understand the current set of offerings.


Techstars: Amplifying National Catalytic Assets for Baltimore Impact