2023 Impact Update: UpSurge’s Impact on Baltimore Tech

Introduction: Building Momentum in 2023

We find ourselves at a time in Maryland’s history where the opportunity to overcome the false choice between creating a thriving innovation economy and an equitable one is not only possible, it’s happening. With a remarkable track record over the last 3 years, UpSurge has emerged as the preeminent ecosystem builder for tech and firmly established itself as a driving force behind Baltimore’s tech startup momentum and a thought leader for building a new kind of startup city. UpSurge is now positioned to be a catalyst for unprecedented growth and innovation.

Our team has engaged over 300 tech startups, 100 funders, and 50 local and national conferences, accelerators, incubators, and entrepreneur support organizations, bringing them together in ways that move the needle for scaling tech companies in the Baltimore region and sustained economic growth in Maryland. And we’re just getting started!

UpSurge is now activating more stakeholders, including local and national brands, civic and government leaders, and the founders of Baltimore’s fastest-growing tech companies, aligning them around opportunities to leverage the region’s unique assets and talent to build game-changing companies. As Baltimore Tech’s preeminent ecosystem builder, the impact of UpSurge’s work will grow our tech economy, reshape our neighborhoods, and transform our city into the place we all want to live, work, and play.

The diversity of innovation and talent in Baltimore is unmatched and our biggest advantage. Together, we are charting a new path for American innovation and are well on our way to becoming the first Equitech city in the world.

Thank you for contributing to this work and joining us in the next phase of impact!

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