Meet the 2024 Summer Interns!

Maximizing Talent

UpSurge is a small nonprofit team, and we are used to punching above our weight.  This summer, UpSurge has brought on four talented interns to seriously maximize the capacity of our organization through the Maryland Technology Internship Program (MTIP) administered by UMBC and funded by the State of Maryland.  The financial assistance provided by MTIP supports technology-based companies to recruit talent while retaining the superb talent coming out of our state’s universities and schools. MTIP can be a game-changer for startups, and if you want to learn more – you should reach out to Program Manager Jen Spencer. She has been an amazing partner to UpSurge and will be growing the program’s presence in Baltimore City.


Over the next few months, our interns will have the opportunity to collaborate with our team, gain insights into the startup ecosystem, and contribute their unique perspectives to ongoing projects.  Join us in welcoming Joey, Susan, Marcos, and Himalaya to the UpSurge Baltimore team!

Susan Njoya, Data Analysis Intern

Hello, My name is Susan Njoya. I recently joined UpSurge Baltimore’s data analysis team as an intern. I am currently a third-year undergraduate student at Towson University, pursuing a degree in Information Systems. Civil and community engagement are some of my driving passions. As a data analyst intern and student, I intend on using the skills I’ve learned to promote Baltimore’s rich history through a statistical and analytical lens. To me, community is defined as a network of support and mutual aid, it's a collection of resources that are pulled together and reinvested for the sake of bettering those within the community. I want others to see Baltimore through the imagery of community the way that I do. I believe a strong sense of community, supported by UpSurge will drive the growth of Baltimore’s tech ecosystem.

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Marco Karakousis, Data Analysis Intern

Hello! My name is Marco Karakousis, and I am joining UpSurge this summer as a Data Analysis intern. I am a rising junior at Cornell University, where I am studying Information Science with a minor in Applied Economics. As a Baltimore native, I am extremely excited to get involved in the Baltimore Tech ecosystem! I want to see Baltimore’s entrepreneurial ecosystem grow and thrive, and I hope to be able to contribute to that mission. I am excited to learn from both the UpSurge team along with the creative and innovative individuals of Baltimore’s Tech ecosystem. Throughout my first week here at UpSurge, I have already witnessed the dedication of UpSurge’s team to create the first Equitech city–a dedication that I hope to harness and channel throughout my time as an intern to contribute meaningfully to Baltimore’s tech ecosystem.

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Joey Lu, Marketing and Communications Intern

Hello everyone, I'm Joey Lu, the newest Marketing and Communication intern at UpSurge Baltimore. I recently graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Prior to joining UpSurge, I gained valuable experience working in a digital media and analytics role at a startup based in Annapolis, Maryland. This opportunity allowed me to understand the challenges companies face as they navigate through different growth stages. I am excited to be part of the vibrant tech community in Baltimore and contribute my skills in supporting the ecosystem and connecting with local entrepreneurs.

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Himalaya Kadari, Strategy and Operations Intern

Hello! I’m Himalaya Kadari, excited to be part of the dynamic UpSurge Baltimore team, immersing myself in the city’s tech ecosystem. As a Master of Science in Engineering Management student at Johns Hopkins University, my expertise lies in product management, strategic consulting, and data-driven decision-making. My previous experience as a co-founder at Cement On Wheels has instilled a profound appreciation for startups and the transformative impact they can have on local communities. I am passionate about Baltimore, a city I admire deeply, and am eager to contribute to UpSurge’s goal to elevate Baltimore's tech community to unprecedented levels, ensuring Baltimore receives the recognition and resources it richly deserves. I look forward to leveraging my skills and experiences to foster growth and innovation within this vibrant community.

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