Reasons to be optimistic about Baltimore? Heck yeah!

“Baltimore has 10 times more opportunity than it has issues.”

These are the words of David Bramble last week in a Baltimore Sun interview.

This followed the announcement that he and his firm, MCB Real Estate, will spearhead the redevelopment of Harborplace.

This spirit of optimism was echoed by Mayor Brandon Scott just the day before in his State of the City address: “Recently, we were named as one of the best cities in the country for millennial families. We were ranked in the top 100 best cities for young professionals. And to top it off, one of our two esteemed HBCUs, the national treasure Morgan State University, was recognized as one of the top 10 producers of STEM graduates in the US. We are a city where excellence abounds.”

From the planned redevelopment of Harborplace to all that’s happening across Baltimore’s startup landscape (keep reading below), this is clearly a moment for optimism.

Again, to quote Mr. Bramble: “Do you know how many cities would kill for all the things that we have? And the opportunities we have to build off of? So yes, I’m optimistic.”

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